Goal Setting.

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January is often the time we set goals for the forth coming year. Goals are useful tools for helping us advance our lives and move intentions into outcomes and dreams into reality. Of course there is the goal we move from one year to the next and never seem to get done.


Maybe that points to a goal we need to let go of because it is no longer realistic given where we are in life today. Perhaps we have not achieved it yet because we need a better process for taking responsibility and accomplishing the goals we set.  For goals we really want to accomplish, it is useful to have a frame work for managing the goal setting process and   overcoming the obstacles and barriers we will encounter. One of the first steps is to Identify why you want this goal.  Secondly, effective goals need to be specific, clear, and have definite measures for successful outcomes. The third key point is that your goals should be written down so that you can visualize the goal regularly with a clear mental picture – be reminded of what success looks like.


In formulating your goals, approach the process as if it were your personal strategic plan.  Determine the priority and sequence of your goals based on what is more important. Develop the habit of time management. What is the most valuable achievable task? Focus on the high value activities and become intensely results – oriented; set some deadlines and periodically review your progress.


Dealing with barriers and obstacles are part of the process. Evaluate what is holding you back. Is the goal consistent with your values? If not, you may constantly encounter obstacles. Some restraints are within ourselves, and may be our own self-limiting beliefs.


This is where coaching is important. A coach can help you get goal clarity and see things from a different perspective.  It is important to let go of self-criticism and negative thinking. Your coach can help you hold yourself accountable, challenge your self-limiting belief and counterproductive behavior patterns, habits and thought processes. Start the year off right! Set five goals right now!  Getting a coach should be on that list.


Keep a positive outlook on your future possibilities. Be inspired, enjoy your success. 

06/09/2018 - Autor: Dr. Karyn Trader-Leigh
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